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Terms and Regulations


Making a reservation equals accepting the terms and regulations of Chata Ziołowa. Reservations can be made by phone or email.


For accepting your reservation it is necessary to pay 30% of the stay price in advance. In the case of the earlier departure your advance won’t be refundable. In the case of the arrival on a later date or earlier departure, due payment do not change.

Hotel day

The hotel day starts at 2 pm at the arrival day and finishes at 11 am at the departure day. In case of changing the hour of departure please contact the owners beforehand.

Rooms, cleanness and the personal zone

The guests are responsible and have material liability for the damages of any kind including accessories and technical devices.


For the safety reasons at all the buildings smoking is strictly forbidden. In rooms we don’t use irons, coil heaters or similar devices. We use them at the indicated zones.

Families travelling with children

The place is adjusted for travelling families.

Staying with your animal

The household is not adapted for animals.

In the summer-autumn season is worth to take bittern, tick and mosquito repellents.

Apart from good mood it is necessary to take the change of shoes.