Chata Ziołowa

Created out of love for nature and simplicity.

Agroturystyka Podkarpacie Chata Ziolowa Strzyżów Rzeszów

It got a new life. After being intended for demolition not so long ago, thanks to our efforts was moved to the woodland meadow. Rebuild eventually now again glitters and shines as if it was an inseparable part of that landscape. What’s interesting, with it looks neither interiors doesn’t resemble cottages from a museum and it is almost one hundred years old!

The name Ziołowa (Herbal) obtained after first harvests. Herbs adorned meadows of this place since forever. They were luring with fragrances, enchaining with colours and hiding its medicinal values. The doors to this mysterious world opened for the Hostess when her hobby became a real passion.

For the thirsty wanderers there’s the tea counter. Arrange in a way everyone is able to prepare his herbal infusion using special blends that we prepared beforehand.

The rooms situated at the attic with its decoration also refer to herbs. In arranging the space we tried to use only natural materials. We tried to decorate it the way that wouldbring out the folksy ambient of the log cottage and at the same time keep it practical and smart.

We prepared an offer of free time activities adjusted to your needs and preferences whatever the season will be (regardless the time of the year). Spring and summer favour walks in the forests, barbecue meet-ups, sightseeing or practicing sports. Autumn is the season for mushroom picking, but if the weather is good we recommend you to travel around the area.

On the cloudy days instead of Nordic-walking you can exercise your brain playing board games. In winter time you can spend some quality time reading by the fireplace.